The price of independence

On the computer with the new cast and brace

On the computer with the new cast and brace

So… We want Ella to be as independent as possible, her walking capabilities enhanced, we encourage her to walk around and get from place to place on her own.

Thing is… her ability to respond quickly when loosing balance is not totally there.

Last Friday Ella was standing next to a door and playing with it. Enjoying the drama of opening and closing it. She lost her balance and fell hard on her left leg.

It was clear something was wrong because she did not want to put any weight on it so we rushed to the hospital and had x-rays done.

They found nothing. But a week went by and Ella was not willing to use that leg. She then saw the orthopedist who surmised that it is a hairline fracture, not visible on the x-rays and Ella got a cast on her left ankle.

Due to the natural tendency of her left leg, since she hasn’t used it in a while her muscles contracted and it was painful for her to straighten the leg, so a brace was added to keep it straight for a while.

She isn’t very mobile at the moment and any walking is done with a lot of help. Stairs are out of the question.

We are hoping this doesn’t result in regression in her walking ability. She worked so hard to get where she is (was).

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